Bekleme Salon U Christian Louboutin


Don Some Christmas Cheer
Before you plunge into the seasonal festivities, stock up on elegant party-wear. And what better way to do this than by adding a few reds, whites and a dash of sparkle to your wardrobe, asks Avril-Ann Braganza Canali’s rhodium-plated cufflinks and tiepin.

Christian Louboutin Launches 3 New Nail Colours For Spring
Christian Louboutin answered our beauty prayers when he launched his ... coffret has been inspired by ceremonial flags of Italy's Palio Di Siena and features Salonu, an opaque white, True Blue, a periwinkle shade, and Hot Chick, a vivid yellow.

An Open Letter to Women Readers
Yesterday was a challenging and inspiring day for me. I had no idea that the question I posted would elicit such a passionate response. I’m glad it did. My primary feeling this morning is gratitude that so many of you responded with such heartfelt.

Christian Louboutin's new 'Nail Colour Coffret' could be the coolest accessory this Spring will see
Christian Louboutin Beauté has scored again with another heart-stopping ... polish shades that will put a spring in your step. There's Salonu - an "opaque cement white" similar to the shoe of the same name which you probably can't afford, then True.

Caitlyn Jenner sports a sleek blow-dry as she steps out in chic white trouser suit to attend daughter Kylie's lipgloss launch... but a pedicure might be in order
Her feet were encased in a pair of Christian Louboutin heels from Spring 2015 and though they were pulled from last year's collection, they're just a hot as when they first came out. You can't go wrong with a pair of t-strap pumps and the mesh look is a.

Giants’ Bocock tells a stimulating tale
You might remember Brian Bocock’s plight last summer. The Triple-A shortstop prospect developed a circulation disorder that caused three fingers to turn blue on his right hand. The injury forced him out of action in mid-June and he missed the rest of the.