Christian Louboutin Corporate Office In New York


Christian Louboutin and the Cardi B Effect
So how does Christian Louboutin — who, incidentally, got his start creating shoes for showgirls — feel about all this? According to a recent interview with the New York Times, he appreciates the shoutout, but isn’t too familiar with Cardi B.

Zayn Malik Covers Billboard in Valentino, Talks Music Relationships
Shooting at the Weylin in Brooklyn, New York, Malik sports brands such as Dior Homme and Christian Louboutin. Malik talks to Billboard about no longer staying in touch with the members of.

Cardi B Creates $4.5 Million in Media Value for Christian Louboutin
One celeb not so hip to the game is Christian Louboutin himself. He recently told The New York Times he’s “not a big rap person,” but said he’d be open to meeting the Trini-Dominican-American star someday. Based on the stats, one can assume that if.

Dita Von Teese & Demi Moore Step Out for Christian Louboutin
The limited-edition collection features 30 styles for both men and women. It will be sold by just eight retailers around the world, including Bergdorf Goodman in New York and the Los Angeles Christian Louboutin store.

Christian Louboutin and Diane von Furstenberg take on the New York courts
Christian Louboutin returned to the New York courts on Tuesday, taking his case against YSL over their red-soled shoes to the federal appeals judges. Diane von Furstenberg went with him for moral support. Louboutin's case, which has divided the fashion.

Hilarious moment a shoe designer's Christian Louboutin heel broke the Condé Nast escalator
It's only fitting that a designer shoe breaks the escalator at the Condé Nast headquarters in New York. A Christian Louboutin heel got wedged into an escalator at the famed mass media company's office located within One World Trade Center on Thursday.

New York Court Ruling Against Christian Louboutin Validates Carmen Steffens’ Long-Standing Use of Colors
applauds a New York court decision in favor of Yves Saint Laurent which supports the position that colors, including red, cannot be the singular domain of a specific fashion brand. Yves Saint Laurent was sued by Christian Louboutin for trademark.

Christian Louboutin and Charles Jourdan Settle Suit
LOUBOUTIN, JOURDAN SETTLE: Christian Louboutin, the maker of red-soled heels ... In the lawsuit, which was filed in New York federal court, Louboutin called Jourdan’s shoes “counterfeit” versions of its own shoes, and claimed that it supplied.

Thanks To Cardi B, Searches For Christian Louboutin Are Up 217%
For Cardi B, Christian Louboutin represents a certain level of status. At 19, she got her first pair as a gift from a suitor who used to visit the New York City strip club where she worked as a dancer. In “Bodak Yellow,” the first single by a female.

Bella and Gigi Hadid Have a Sister Style Moment in Silver and Gold
Models Gigi and Bella Hadid had another sister style moment last night when the two stepped out for Glamour's Women of the Year Awards in Brooklyn, New York. The siblings ... Schwartz and metallic pumps by Christian Louboutin. Bella, on the other hand.