Christian Louboutin Lipstick Swatches


YSL VS Christian Louboutin: The Saga Continues As One Luxury Label Tries To Sue Another
Just to bring you up to speed: Christian Louboutin got pissed at Yves Saint Laurent after the French luxury house released a red-soled heel as part of its 2011 Cruise collection. Louboutin believes itself to be the only entity that can produce red-soled shoes.

Would YOU Pay $675 For This Louboutin Nail Polish?! We Bet Kim Kardashian & Jennifer Lopez Would!
We're actually surprised and a little disappointed this wasn't in her epic Goop holiday gift guide! Christian Louboutin announced the release of his new line of nail polish for $50 a pop a few months ago, and apparently he decided he needed to raise the.

A well-heeled birthday! Pregnant Sonia Kruger celebrates turning 49 on Mornings with a Christian Louboutin and baby bootie cake presented to her by David Campbell
The intricately designed masterpiece by Sydney's Planet Cake featured a Christian Louboutin shoebox with a black stiletto shoe on top positioned next to a tiny baby bunny bootie. Bending down for a closer look the honey-haired beauty looked in awe of the.