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Finally, you can book in for Christian Louboutin manicures
We first got our paws on Christian Louboutin Beauté back in 2014, when the debut nail polish, Rouge Louboutin, was released. Since then countless colours have launched, alongside lipsticks, perfumes and eye products, but you’ve never been able to book.

Weather experts are puzzled by astonishing video showing a SINGLE column of rain falling onto a parked car (but all ... - Daily Mail
A video emerged online appearing to show a single column of rain falling onto a park car has left web users puzzled over what has caused the rare weather phenomenon. Footage recorded by an onlooker seemingly captures an isolated shower occurring in&nbsp.

How to keep your pets safe: Snake epidemic sweeping Australia as the weather heats up prompts warnings to keep ... - Daily Mail
As the weather gets warmer, more and more snakes will take to backyards around Australia, leading to calls for pet owners to be vigilant in protecting their furry friends. The Australian Veterinary Association (AVA) is encouraging animal owners to take&nbsp.

Feeling blue! Melania Trump models a form-fitting dress and floral Christian Louboutin heels to greet the president ... - Daily Mail
Associated Press - YouTube YouTube.

She's gone with the wind! Duchess of Cornwall braves the blustery weather to open an extension at Aberdeen Airport - Daily Mail
The Duchess of Cornwall is well known for her preened and polished appearance but even she isn't immune to the elements. Camilla looked rather windswept as she arrived at Aberdeen International Airport on Wednesday to open their latest extension.

Queen Letizia of Spain steps out in VERY tight striped pencil skirt with King Felipe -
The Queen wore the grey, black and red striped skirt with a loose white blouse and nude Christian Louboutin heels. She accented the look with bright red lipstick to match the red of the skirt. Keeping her hair simple and tucked behind her ears, Queen.

Does the notion of red eye-shadow make you see, well, red?
Before applying a blush like NARS Blush in Exhibit A (€32) – when applied sparingly to the cheeks, it mimics the prettily flushed effect of cheeks bitten gently by cold weather ... jewel-toned and radiant. Christian Louboutin Oeil Vinyle Luminous.

Lip service: 5 lipsticks you need for the Christmas party season
Giorgio Armani Smooth Silk Lip Pencil in 1, £19 ( ... lipsticks of the season. TIP: counter the softness of this texture with some sharp outer corners (as seen at Helmut Lang) and extremely dewy skin The Lip Kit: Christian Louboutin.

First came the spiders now prepare for invasion of DADDY LONG LEGS: UK homes will be taken over by giant flying ... - Daily Mail
Just as with the spiders, this summer's unpredictable weather has proved ideal for crane flies, sometimes known as daddy long legs. Though they don't sting or bite and are totally harmless, they can cause a nuisance when they fly indoors, attracted as.

Christian Louboutin branches out into beauty
Shoe designer Christian Louboutin, who is celebrating 20 ... beauty seems like the right next step" he added. Monsieur Louboutin had been approached by several parties interested in launching lipsticks and the like in the past, making him hot property.

Sorry, the heatwave's over! Clouds creep in for Easter (but at least it will be dry) - Daily Mail
Forecasters have predicted maximum temperatures of 16C (61F) on Easter Sunday and Easter Monday, compared with the sizzling high of 25C (77F) experienced last Sunday. Dry but cloudy weather is expected in many areas from today through the next few&nbsp.

Careful where you walk, it's snake season! Father horrified to spot red-bellied black snake slithering along path as ... - Daily Mail
Unless you're looking for somewhere to practice your snake charming skills (or Parsteltongue), you may want to avoid the Nepean River area for the next few months. Snakes typically come out of hiding to find heat, so you can thank Sydney's&nbsp.

Monster storm to smash Australia - bringing damaging winds, snow, thunderstorms and the coldest weather of the year - Daily Mail
Australia's east coast is about to be hit with a monster storm, bringing damaging winds, a massive snow dump, hail and the coldest weather of the year. The low pressure system is sweeping across southeastern Australia and expected to hit New South.