Christian Louboutin Mall.Of Dubai


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Louboutin walks tall in Middle East
Christian Louboutin's shoes could soon be strutting all over ... and $10m rolling out stores in Beirut, Riyadh and Mall of the Emirates in Dubai as part of a new joint venture with one the Middle East's largest luxury retailers and distributors, Chalhoub.

Christian Louboutin at Mall of the Emirates
The United Arab Emirates finally has its very own Christian Louboutin boutique situated in the new Fashion Dome at Mall of the Emirates in Dubai. Located on the first floor of the extension, the new boutique showcases a range of mens and women’s shoe.

Barbie dazzles in iconic haute couture exhibition in Dubai
The first-ever haute couture Barbie Collector exhibition, opened at ... Léger, Christian Dior, Oscar de la Renta, Monique Lhuillier, Versace, Christian Louboutin, and renowned Arab designer Zuhair Murad. “In celebration of Mall of the Emirates 10th.

Christian Louboutin Opens Men's Boutique in Dubai
After debuting a men's line in 2011, the French shoe designer opened the iconic brand's seventh stand-alone men's boutique in Dubai, the first of its kind for the area. "Men are very sophisticated in the region," 52-year-old Christian Louboutin told The.

Louboutin Sets Men’s Boutique in Dubai
FOOTPRINTS: Taking customized sneakers to a new and cheeky place, Christian Louboutin took ... s shoe signing in Dubai Thursday night to mark the opening of his first stand-alone men’s boutique in the region, located in the Mall of the Emirates.

Christian Louboutin Opens Men’s Boutique In Dubai
Christian Louboutin has reached the Middle East to woo the Sheikhs and the well-heeled men in the pearl of the Gulf countries. The French shoe maker has opened his first stand-alone men’s boutique in Dubai ... located in Mall of the Emirates is thrice.

Christian Louboutin expands in the Arabian Gulf
Christian Louboutin joined the never-ending list of boutiques at the Dubai Mall mall in 2011, making it the second store in the region for the famed designer. In 2010, the maker behind the red-soled shoes opened his first standalone shoe store in Mall of.

The exquisite range of Louboutin Nail Polish by Christian Louboutin is exclusively available at the Louboutin Shoe Boutique in Dubai Mall and Mall of the Emirates. We can’t help but drool over the latest beauty venture by shoe maestro Christian Louboutin.