Christian Louboutin Men Red Bottoms


Hip-Hop Loves Red Bottoms, But Christian Louboutin Is “Not A Big Rap Person”
In popular culture, namely hip-hop, “red bottoms” are to bodacious women what Timberlands are to rugged men. It goes without saying, then, the name Christian Louboutin and his crimson soles have been lyrical markers of luxury and sex appeal in many.

Louboutin Doesn’t Care That Your Feet Hurt In His Heels
How he would go about offering an alternative to men Christian did not reveal. Also in his interview the famed designer finally opens up about his Louboutin shoes trademark red bottom, according to the designer his first shoes arrived back from the manufac.

YSL drops 18-month lawsuit against Christian Louboutin as both sides claim they won battle of the red-soled shoes
The case began in April 2011, when Christian Louboutin sued YSL for using red soles on the bottom of its red pumps. Louboutin demanded $1million in damages, which was based on a trademark granted to Louboutin in 2008 for red soles. Yet the case was.

Christian Louboutin has no idea who Cardi B is, but loves him some ‘Bodak Yellow’
Christian Louboutin has no idea who Cardi B is, but he appreciates the fact that she references his red-bottom shoes in her hit song “Bodak Yellow.” Cardi B, who recently made history topping the Billboard chart as the first female rapper to do so in.

Christian Louboutin to open at The Galleria in 2016
Red-sole lovers get ready! The French-shoe designer Christian Louboutin, who is famous for his sexy red-bottom stilettos ... will carry women’s and men’s shoes, handbags and small leather goods. The Houston store will not carry the beauty collection.

Christian Louboutin opens shoe store in Miami
Jennifer Lopez during a performance: “I would like a shiny new pair of Louboutin shoes, you know the ones with the high heels and the red bottoms ... colors for women and also for men.” Like these sandals. Christian Louboutin: “This is one.

Christian Louboutin, more new stores at The Galleria
Shoe lovers are celebrating for the recent opening of the new Chrisitian Louboutin store at The Galleria. It's the first Houston store for the he famed French shoe designer with the coveted red bottom stilettos ... accessories for men and women.

Christian Louboutin Branches Out With $50 Nail Polish
It's actually a natural move for the company as its shoes' infamous red bottoms were initially designed using a coat of nail polish. Back in 1992, Christian Louboutin (the designer) wasn't happy with the shoe that he designed, thinking it lacked color.

This Is What Christian Louboutin Thinks of Cardi B and Her Love for Red Bottoms
Jay Z, Drake, Future, and Kanye West are just some of the many rappers who’ve shown love to designer Christian Louboutin—or, more specifically, his iconic red-soled shoes commonly referred to as "red bottoms." Though the reference has become somewhat.

Christian Louboutin on Cardi B and His ‘Red Bottoms’
PARIS — The name Christian ... of Mr. Louboutin being lyricized. Jennifer Lopez put out a single called “Louboutins” in 2009 (in it, Louboutins are shoes-as-saviors, empowering the singer to walk away from a do-wrong man); and “red bottoms.