Christian Louboutin Nail Polish Very Prive 120mm


20,000 pairs of fake Christian Louboutin heels seized by U.S. border officers in shipments from China (but can YOU tell the difference?)
by painting the sole of a high heel with red nail polish. U.S. Customs and Border Protection may have deemed the Chinese Christian Louboutin fakes 'very good counterfeits', but any fashionista worth their front row cred might beg to differ. Anyone who has.

1st in Europe – Kwaga BirdsEye gets Gmail OAuth support
France] Kwaga, which offers a semantic email organiser, has announced that users of its Kwaga Birdseye product can log in without handing over their Gmail password. That’s because the service now supports Google’s newly rolled out implementation of.

WATCH: Christian Louboutin Beauté, straight from the shoe designer's sole
the red sole was born from red nail polish," explains Louboutin. This week he unveils his new nail colour, Rouge Louboutin, as the first red-heeled step in Christian Louboutin Beauté and what he describes as his "beauty adventure". "It's a natural.

Christian Louboutin launches nail polish and shoes collection
Depending on who you ask, Christian Louboutin's receptionist ... in the following months. All the nail polishes are named after classic Louboutin heels and bags - think Lady Page, a dark plum shade, or Very Prive, a strong red. The packaging also echoes.

The beauty tips we picked up at London Fashion Week
Backstage at Roland Mouret, nail technician Marian Newman had four shades of polish and was selecting each one individually for the models depending on the condition of their hands and nails. Those with perfect hands were given Christian Louboutin Nail.

Christian Louboutin launches £495 nail polish
Christian Louboutin has created ... detail doesn't come cheap, the nail polish retails at a whopping £495. For that you also get a pretty impressive box; adorned with red leather Strass flowers - a design borrowed from Louboutin's Pensamoi shoe in the.