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Jason Adkins Does the Church Proud
Out in Minnesota, the Chattering Classes are explaining “Shut up!” to the bishops and people of the Catholic Church who wish to point out that gay “marriage” is a complete fiction and fraud, as well as destructive of the common good. Editors at the.

Now the cowardly attack dogs come out...
Really? When was the last time CBS brought us any hard news? And what, pray tell, is an example of these non-newsy questions? Let's look to that bastion of journalistic heraldry, the New Republic, for an answer. Jon Chait, you have any examples of.

Why The Scientifically Literate Can Believe Silly Things
If you understand motivated reasoning, then you understand that high levels of knowledge, education, and sophistication are no defense against wrongheaded views like climate change denial and anti-evolutionism. What I’ll call “sophistication” may.

Another dental visit? Turns out, you have better things to do with your time. Actual Client Spend your time where you want to be... Short on time? No problem. Technology today is changing our everyday lives. Many people, however, aren’t aware that.

Fall TV 2014
Better shows! That’s what we’ve been crying out for during so many seasons of network and cable agony. Have our pleas at last been heard? Well, don’t get too excited, but there is measurable improvement in this fall’s shows. (After last year’s.

Andy Crouch on Creating and Cultivating Culture
Philosophical Fragments Philosophical Fragments Daily Thoughts on Faith, Culture and Politics from Timothy Dalrymple Home About the Author Publications «.

Dominatrix claims she earns $4,000 A DAY insulting and blackmailing men online - while her stay-at-home husband does all the housework and cooking
Massachussetts mom-of-two, 53, comes forward to claim the $758MILLION Powerball prize - and has already quit her job; Texas facing catastrophic flooding as Harvey intensifies into.

Jeffrey Chiang Will Be Receiving No New Offers Of Employment
So! Firms are starting to hire again, which is very exciting to those of you trying to improve your situation. Perhaps it’s been a while since a lot have gone through this process, and you’re a little rusty on the Do’s and Dont’s. Which why.

My Style: Director Melina Matsoukas Shows Off Her Sensational Style!
We're talking about director Melina Matsoukas. This inspiring woman has an eye ... vintage fur collar, and Christian Louboutin shoes. "It's important for me as an artist to challenge myself and to continue to grow my body of work into different genres.

Diaper needs put stress on moms
For many new moms, the first few years of childhood are a sea of stress. "Is my child eating enough?” “When will my child sleep through the night?” "Should I be doing this differently?" Low-income moms face additional stress when it comes to.