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Have you been saying it wrong? Nutella manufacturer stuns its fans by revealing it DOESN'T start with 'Nut' - but is ... - Daily Mail
Outraged fan Makayla said: 'I hate it when people pronounce nutella as newtella. It's NUTella. It has hazelNUTS in it. Stop.' While user Pip Roberts added: 'So I just found out Nutella should be pronounced new-tella! Ok so my life has been flipped.

Refusing to grate the butter and forgetting to add the sugar, Tamal and Ian handed victory to Nadiya on a plate in ... - Daily Mail
The big surprise in the final of the Great British Bake Off was that there wasn't one - not even a soupçon. It was literally a cakewalk for Nadiya - as close to a walk over as you could imagine, barring Ian and Tamal burning their Showstoppers to a.

From the mouths of babes: Parents share hilariously inappropriate drawings their children innocently created - Daily Mail
Ageless Demi and daughter Rumer Willis step out together for Christian Louboutin shoe event in Los Angeles · Bundled up! Leonardo DiCaprio cuts a very low key figure on wintry night after enjoying dinner with Jaden Smith's model ex, Sarah Snyder, in.

Don’t let homonyms embarrass you
When you are in doubt, use the dictionary. It will tell you that something ... homonyms simply because they are bad at spelling. Up your game in pronunciation. Competence in grammar, phonetics and other aspects of a language goes together.

How the Queen's cut-glass accent is slipping: Videos reveal the monarch has shifted her speech in recent years to ... - Daily Mail
Analysis of Queen Elizabeth II's Christmas messages have found that her pronunciation has changed between 1957 (left) to 2015 (right) to become more middle class as her vowels have shortened. .... Professor Jonathan Harrington, a phonetics expert at.

Training since the age of four and 30000 flashcards with tricky words: Spelling Bee winner's father reveals secrets ... - Daily Mail
comments. The father of the newly-crowned National Spelling Bee champion has revealed the keys to her success: 30,000 flashcards with the trickiest words and training since the age of four. ... Krishnarao, a software consultant from San Diego, also.

Still going strong! Michael Caine's wife of 42 years Shakira steals the show in elegant blue dress at the premiere ... - Daily Mail
He's the star of the movie, but it was his leading lady that stole the show. Michael Caine and his wife of 42 years Shakira looked as happy as ever as they attended the premiere of his new film Youth at the Toronto Film Festival at The Elgin, on Saturday.

Can't spell? Maybe it's because you're too clever, says Collins dictionary - Daily Mail
Ian Brookes, managing editor of dictionaries at Collins, said: 'The real spelling problems occur when people have learnt the rules or have a bit of knowledge, but make mistakes in how they apply this.' Another common reason for ... The Spelling Society.

Tattoo aficionado Kylie Jenner, 18, reveals the sentimental meaning behind her latest red tattoo - Daily Mail
Kylie Jenner Repo Man is After You ...'Cause Your BF Don't Pay

A Forgotten Referendum On The Union Of Scots And English
Scottish people are quite able to use the English Wikipedia with proper spelling," said a Wikipedian in support of closing the Scots Wikipedia, "instead of trying to capture their accents through phonetic ... According to the Dictionary of the Scots.

Marketing graduate turns language tutor to become a huge YouTube hit teaching the world the quirks of English (like ... - Daily Mail
A marketing graduate has become an internet sensation - and earns £30,000-a-year in advertising - by teaching the world the quirks of English on YouTube. Lucy Earl, from Bedfordshire, turned down a number of job offers when she graduated from the&nbsp.

Refutation of the Allegation of Insult to Jesus Christ
The publications of ‘UmmahatulMu’minin’ in which a Christian by ... ‘day’; however the pronunciation is flat without the element of English diphthong.* The consonants not included in the above list have the same phonetic value as in the principal.

8 Mexican Slang Words You Should Know - Latina
It's Cinco De Mayo, and we're celebrating all things Mexicano. Yes, that means (responsibly) drinking margaritas, taking tequila shots, and eating our body weight in tacos, enchiladas, refried beans, and guacamole. We encourage you to also respectfully&nbsp.