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This is why Christian Louboutin shoes always have red soles -
The iconic red sole dreamed up by Christian Louboutin is well-recognised across the globe but now we finally know where it came from. French designer Louboutin previously gave an interview to The New Yorker where he explained his inspiration for those&nbsp.

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In the song, she raps: "These expensive, these is red bottoms , these is bloody shoes ." So when The New York Times asked Christian Louboutin , the man, about Cardi B's self-professed love for his infamous footwear creations, he said he's heard the song.

Louboutin & the Law: Switzerland Turns Down Red Soles Trademark Request - WWD
The Federal Supreme Court of Switzerland in Lausanne has denied the high-fashion footwear brand's demand for trademark protection, finding that the red soles are merely an aesthetic element. The fact that the brand has won the battle for trademark.

Christian Louboutin is releasing a collection of red-soled baby shoes
For many women, investing in a set of Christian Louboutin shoes is the ultimate luxury-good rite of passage. A pair of the heels will set you back hundreds of pounds, but that's a small price to pay to rock the famous red sole. Now, because it's 2017 and.

Gwyneth Paltrow and Christian Louboutin Launched a Line of Red-Soled Baby Shoes - Mommyish (blog)
Gwyneth Paltrow and Christian Louboutin are teaming up launch a line of expensive, red -bottomed shoes . For babies. According to Christian Louboutin , the new shoes by Louboutin are part of a Goop collection for Christmas. They're called Loubibaby, and&nbsp.

The Intriguing History Behind Christian Louboutin's Red Sole Heels - Harper's BAZAAR Australia
Though the fashion house no longer uses red nail polish on their shoes , they have released a nail polish as tribute to their history—Rouge Louboutin varnish is an exact colour-match to the red soles , but we recommend using this polish on your nails.

Again the “Red Sole Trademark” - Lexology
In the past years, Christian Louboutin , S.A., hereinafter “Louboutin”, the well-known enterprise that commercializes the acclaimed high heel shoes with red sole , has been having some trouble in order to see protection granted to the popular red soles.

Mandarin Oriental, Tokyo launches Christian Louboutin nail colours and treatments
Prices exclude tax and service charges ... the original inspiration for the iconic red soles having come from a stroke of red nail colour in 1992. Christian Louboutin’s beauty collection is available at a select number of Christian Louboutin boutiques.

Little feet, big budget: Christian Louboutin's $300 baby shoes are far from the most expensive
Christian Louboutin’s red-bottomed heels are iconic. You’ve seen them on celebrities, on runways, and now, possibly in playschool. The luxury designer is releasing a new line of baby shoes with its signature red soles — but the teeny tiny versions.

Louboutin Loses Latest Fight to Register Red Sole Trademark in Switzerland - The Fashion Law (blog)
Christian Louboutin lost a recent quest to obtain federal trademark protection for its red soles in Switzerland. According to local Swiss media outlets, the country's highest court turned down the Paris-based footwear brand's final appeal for.

How Christian Louboutin Went from Red Shoes to Red Lips - Houstonia Magazine
So when the opportunity popped up for me to take a peek at the newest launches from Christian Louboutin's beauty line, a thousand red soles couldn't keep me away. The first cosmetic release from the famed shoe brand was a nail polish collection in 2014.

Loubibaby shoes - The Times
I want a pair of the new Christian Louboutin baby shoes that he's collaborated on with Gwyneth Paltrow. They're called Loubibabies and ... And get this: she'll be crawling not walking, so the red soles will be on display all the time. Imagine the.