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Christian Louboutin Taps Choreographer Blanca Li For New Short Dance Film -
Taking into account the internet's everlasting obsession with choreography videos, Christian Louboutin merged dance with its iconic red sole heels for a new short film titled "La Répétition." Tapping choreographer, dancer ... The tongue-in-cheek video.

These Are The Most Luxe Lippies You'll Ever See - Refinery29
In the beginning he gave us stilettos famous enough for Jay-Z — and basically everyone other artist — to rap about. Then came nail polish and lipstick. Next up for French luxury designer Christian Louboutin ? Lip lacquer. “Loubilaque is for the bold.

Christian Louboutin is Expanding His Red Nail Polish Range - InStyle
Surprisingly, Christian Louboutin took his first steps into the beauty industry before his iconic red sole shoes were worn by stylish women around the globe. As the story goes, Louboutin first painted the bottom of one of his designs with red nail.

Send Nudes: Why Skin-Tone Heels Are a Girl's Best Friend - Houstonia Magazine
I am short . Like really short . I measure in at 5 feet tall on the dot. As such, one of the best pieces of style advice I've received came from my younger (and taller) sister: Invest in a great pair of nude or semi-nude pumps. Wearing a shoe with height.

A chat with Christian Louboutin, the designer who brings dreams and fantasy to life - South China Morning Post
His concept of women's beauty comes from rebelling against the naturalism so popular in 1970s France when he was growing up. And with those early stiletto heels that were just coming into vogue in the early '90s, was able to tap into a new sense of.

'I've never let anyone say no to me': How Amanda Holden high-kicked her way to the top and was rescued by therapy ... - Daily Mail
SHOES, Christian Louboutin . Amanda Holden is a woman who knows how to make an entrance. It usually involves a dramatic frock, big hair and the whole glam shebang, but even in jeans, jumper and no make-up, she can rock a room. The trick is this: she.

Harry Styles Wore Heels & People Are Freaking Out - Refinery29
Harry Styles (Full Interview) | Chelsea | Netflix - YouTube YouTube.

Kourtney Kardashian's Latest Airport Look Is H&M, But Reads Like Gucci - Refinery29
These days, airport style has become completely polarized: Much to the chagrin of the TSA, supermodels can still be found in off-the-runway looks, complete with stilettos (see: this photo of Miranda Kerr striding to security in a Gucci belt and high.

The Internet Has A Lot Of Feelings About This Pricey Promposal - Refinery29
Louis set up a mini tableau on a staircase that included a Sephora shopping bag; a sign that read, "If the shoe fits, makeup your mind;" and a pair of nude Christian Louboutin pumps. That's right, the Holy Grail of stilettos . For a promposal. From one.

We Tried The $50 Louboutin Manicure To Prove That Just Like The Shoe, It's Not Worth The Money
I can say this for certain because I bought and tried it, in part so I could sincerely, with all assurances, discourage anybody from buying the $675 Christian Louboutin Starlight nail polish that ... more people who prefer short-ish styles.

Christian Louboutin steps ahead with beauty collection
He's starting slowly, with a single nail polish ... tapers to a stiletto-sharp point. The handle is modeled after the designer's highest heel, 8 inches, on his 2007 Ballerina Ultima fetish shoe. The polish is being sold at Christian Louboutin boutiques.

No one on the red carpet stood a chance against Rihanna & her booby red dress last night -
Rihanna knows how to orchestrate a huge fashion moment. First she needs the right red carpet, where the world's lens will be on her, like perhaps, a Leicester Square movie premiere. Next, she needs the look. Voluminous, shocking and naked dresses have&nbsp.

Christian Louboutin Just Dropped Something MAJOR
Christian Louboutin made a name for himself as the architect of sky-high stilettos you can spot from a mile away. Then, he followed this inimitable first act with a foray into beauty, including nail polish ... the bottles resemble stiletto heels.

Flip-side manis, Louboutin red: 5 trends for nails
Got a thing for those red-soled Christian Louboutins? The shoe designer is hoping his fashionista fans will go for his first try at beauty — glossy, luxe nail lacquer that launched this month in his signature hue. Rouge Louboutin, loaded with pigment.

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Check out the über-cool bustier dress she matched with her new short buzz-cut for the 2008 MTV VMAs. PA Photos. Rihanna style version ... PA Photos. Leading the jumpsuit trend in typically cool style, Rihanna got the look spot-on in this tailored piece.