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Puente twins motivate each other - The Daily Toreador (registration)
With Red Raider soccer coming off a five-game losing streak, it is hard for the players to rally together and keep their heads up. Gwennie Puente said having her sister by her side is a motivator when the game gets tough. “It's amazing. I love having.

Fake Fashion: How To Fight Against Counterfeit, Detect Originals, Copy
For decades, designers have carved and implemented brilliant and diverse initiatives to stop the counterfeiting of their designs ... Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Chanel, Christian Louboutin and many more top the list. But how can you really detect a forgery.

¿Lucy Vives es lesbiana? Vea la polémica foto de la hija de Carlos Vives - La Prensa Libre Costa Rica
Según la prensa rosa internacional, mucho se ha rumoreado sobre la supuesta homosexualidad de varias integrantes de Fifth Harmony (es un grupo musical femenino estadounidense que tuvo sus inicios en la segunda temporada del programa The X&nbsp.

Ghosts roam halls of Pioneer Hotel - The Daily Toreador
A few weeks after the couple was murdered, a man from California made a stop at the Pioneer Hotel because of a flat tire, according the Historical Lubbock website. The cheapest room he could stay in was, of course, on the fourth floor. The police.

ACU steals one from Tech, defeat the Red Raiders 3-1 - The Daily Toreador (registration)
Since playing its first game against the Abilene Christian Wildcats in 1997, the Texas Tech softball team had not dropped a loss against the Wildcats until dropping a 3-1 home game Wednesday night at Rocky Johnson Field. Prior to the midweek loss, the.

A Cooperstown conversation with Jay Jaffe - Maine Edge
Finding a useful answer to that question is trickier than you might think. That hasn't stopped author Jay Jaffe from trying to find a way – to create one, really; his new book “The Cooperstown Casebook: Who's In the Hall of Fame, Who Should Be In, and.

Wrapped in Tradition: Saddle Tramps celebrate 80th anniversary on campus - The Daily Toreador (registration)
At the football games, the Saddle Tramps have to be the ones to keep the environment spirited in a respectful way, Snead said. “You aren't ever going to see the Saddle Tramps saying foul language or singing the 'Fight Song' the other way,” Snead said.

OPINION — Gaytan: Tubby Smith handled departure wrong - The Daily Toreador
People leave their jobs all the time. It happens, but in the sports world, job moves occur in plain sight. When coach Tubby Smith left his head coaching position at Texas Tech, few people saw the move coming. While Smith knew of his intention of.

Steve Ballmer In Talks To Move Clippers To Inglewood - The Sports Quotient
While talks of relocating are hitting the news the hardest, Ballmer could very well keep his Clippers in Los Angeles and build an entirely new stadium so his team would no longer have to share the court with other teams. When asked about the situation,&nbsp.

Texas Tech 'deeply regrets' fan behavior during Oklahoma game - The Daily Toreador (registration)
The Office of the President is proactively working alongside the Department of Athletics, the Center for Campus Life and the Student Government Association to seek solutions and actions to prevent unacceptable conduct at all future events.” After a.

Woman died from alcohol poisoning off just three vodka and lemonades - Metro
A woman died of alcohol poisoning despite having just three glasses of vodka and lemonade, an inquest has been told. Heidi Hopley, 41, had the drinks at home in the evening with her partner Scott Fisher. But when Scott went upstairs to bed, Heidi said.

Schovanec addresses press as new president - The Daily Toreador (registration)
President Lawrence Schovanec smiles after addressing the media during the press conference on Friday morning in the Student Union Building. Elise Bressler. After a special Board of Regents meeting convened on Thursday, it was announced Lawrence&nbsp.

Hollywood's IP Wars: Inside the Fight Over Trademarks
Brand owners typically can't stop a movie or TV show from mentioning a trademarked ... In a sign of just how trendy trademarks have become, Christian Louboutin in September convinced an appellate court to recognize that women's shoes with red soles and.

Classics Rock: 15 New “Vintage” Cars That Won’t Break the Bank
It’s also officially licensed by the registered owners of the GT40 trademark, meaning that for all intents and purposes, this is the real deal—a new, 2016 Ford GT40 instead of an unofficial replica ... or authentic Christian Louboutin shoes or one.