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An Afternoon With Cardi B as She Makes Money Moves - New York Times
After the elevator reached the 18th floor, Ms. Foster opened the door to a suite with a balcony. Inside was an open suitcase containing three pairs of high-heeled Christian Louboutins with red soles. Cardi B said Louboutins represent wealth, and she.

Mini-Me! Reese Witherspoon Continues to Totally Twin with Daughter Ava at Home Again Premiere -
Two peas in a pod! Reese Witherspoon brings her lookalike daughter Ava, 17, as her date to Home Again movie ... Daily Mail.

The Story Behind Christian Louboutin's Iconic Red Sole
Undoubtedly the world’s most celebrated footwear designer, Christian ... a home in Hampi- an ancient village located at the South Indian state of Karnataka, is a dream- one that he plans to next conquer. On How The Red Sole Came About The red Louboutin.

Why we all seem to be loving Cardi B -
Calling Christian Louboutin shoes by their street name , “red bottoms” — in the presence of a style writer, no less! — is straight sacrilegious. That and the utter ratchetness ... We saw her when she got a house . We saw her help her sister [Hennessy.

A 'Dynasty' for Generation 'Gossip Girl' (Mom Can Watch, Too) - New York Times
She is also entwined enough with Blake that some early viewers have suggested her character resembles Ivanka Trump, and for them Ms. Gillies has developed a one-line rejoinder: “I have better shoes,” she said, striding away in a pair of Christian.

Second Wives Club Star Shiva Safai Takes You Inside Her Insane Closet -
In anticipation of the show's first season finale this Sunday, Safai took over People Style's Instagram story, giving followers a peek inside a day in her life — and of course, her closet. And considering the couple's home is a 48,000-square-foot.

Scranton native, style maven shares tips for tailoring looks - Scranton Times-Tribune
Her love of style and aesthetic led her from working as a Disney World artist to a career in the fashion world, collaborating with names such as Christian Louboutin , Chanel, Oscar de la Renta and Kate Spade. While top fashion houses seek Shaw's work.

Christian Louboutin May Not Be Completely Sure Who Cardi B Is but He Loves Her Reference of His ‘Red Bottoms’
Christian Louboutin ... rapper — whose real name is Belcalis Almanzar — got her first pair of “red bottoms” for a 19th birthday from an admirer at the strip club she worked in. Now she buys her own. So just how big of a Louboutin fan is Cardi.

Go nude in Christian Louboutin's new, inclusive heeled sandals - USA TODAY
Christian Louboutin adds two new styles to its very inclusive Nudes collection

Open Thread: This Week in Style News
4. There’s a new kind of fashion police, and it’s a lot tougher than the old tribe of Joan Rivers-style red carpet dress commentators. These days the toughest sheriffs in town are the social media watchdogs ready to name and shame any designer they.