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Humans Don't Handle Abrupt Braking In Autonomous Cars Very Well
Do you love that sensation of suddenly being hurled forward when you have to abruptly slam on the brakes? If you’re in a self-driving car, the effect’s apparently even more dramatic, researchers from the University of Michigan announced Thursday.

Hackers Breach Cybersecurity Company In Apparent Revenge On Employee
A threat analyst at the cybersecurity firm Mandiant has been hacked and the attackers are claiming to have lurked on his computer for a year, collecting his login credentials for various sites and tracking his location. The hackers got their hands on some.

Drugs, Guns, and Fake Kicks: Inside the Counterfeit Economy
The history of replica fashion wasn’t always so sinister ... U.S. Customs and Border Protection officer Elizabeth Ortega displays counterfeit Christian Louboutin pumps and high heels at Price Transfer Warehouse on August 16, 2012 in Long Beach, California.

C.J. Anderson changed it up this offseason. Now he says he’s back to “playing undrafted.”
Last Sunday, after tearing up the Cowboys’ defense, Anderson walked around Sports Authority Field at Mile High with his Sonic The Hedgehog backpack, an appropriate accessory with his sparkling blue Christian Louboutin sneakers valued at $3,000.

Zuckerberg hints at location features, admits he uses Spotify in the US
Zuckerberg was joined by Joanna Shields, who now leads the European business, Ethan Beard, platform director, and Christian Hernandez, who is charged with developing international partnerships. This was clearly a big push and the overall tone was one of a.

The Notorious McGregor Girls! Conor's VERY glamorous sisters flaunt their Rolex watches, pool parties and private jet trips as they fly round the world supporting their brother
Both sister share a love of designer gear from labels such as Chloe, Gucci and Christian Louboutin and have been treated to trinkets such as Rolex watches by their generous brother. Hairdresser Erin, 34, a mother-of-two is responsible for Conor's man.

Say sorry to wife on FB: Court to man
NEW YORK: A court in the US has ordered a man to post an apology to his estranged wife on his Facebook page for 30 days to avoid a 60-day jail sentence for blasting her on the social networking site, a case that stirred controversy over freedom of speech.

True Islam teaches love and tolerance
Let’s spread the message of love for all and hatred for none; and let’s coexist. I belong to Ahmadiyya Muslim community and I have seen throughout my life my community practicing the true Islamic teachings of love and tolerance, even though we are.

Bettman doesn’t see it that way at all. You can look to his past for an example, too. With any heavyweight fight comes a
With any heavyweight fight comes an undercard bout, and El Cl has a doozy on the docket ... down but the back up plan is especially worrisome here in Buffalo.. Some nfl replica shirts players, however, bent the bar upward to protect their noses better.

Little Penguins Fan Gets Sidney Crosby's Autograph, Can't Handle It
This kid had his shirt signed by Penguins captain Sidney Crosby, and he was absolutely overwhelmed by the moment while being interviewed by Pittsburgh’s WTAE. Aw. He’ll go back to summer camp and hit everyone in the nuts, just like his hero.