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Contact 6 investigates US-Telecom, Inc.’s imitation invoice
MILWAUKEE -- Looks can be deceiving. Susan Bach, from the Wisconsin Better Business Bureau, looked closely at what appeared to be an invoice for $425 from a company called US-Telecom, Inc. "I've never heard of this company before," Bach said. "They're.

Whoops, Spotify's Web Player No Longer Works on Apple's Safari Browser
De La Soul performs at a Spotify event in New York in 2016. Music streaming service Spotify no longer officially supports Apple’s Safari browser, and Safari users who attempt to access it say they are being redirected to use another browser or download.

Broncos WR Bennie Fowler Struggles To Leave Field After Landing On His Head
A really scary moment happened in the second quarter of the Broncos-Cowboys game, when Denver’s Bennie Fowler landed hard on the ground while trying to catch a touchdown. As Fowler tried to get back up, he stumbled multiple times before finally being.

Thorium Power Is the Safer Future of Nuclear Energy
Nuclear power has long been a contentious topic. It generates huge amounts of electricity with zero carbon emissions, and thus is held up as a solution to global energy woes. But it also entails several risks, including weapons development, meltdown.

Teeth Whitening Gum Only Works If You Chew a Ton of It
Are you only an occasional gum chewer? If so, and you figure it can’t hurt to pick up a pack of “whitening” gum like Orbit White, you should know that your teeth won’t get any whiter unless you’re constantly chewing the stuff. Take a look at that.

Judge sides with Christian Louboutin despite YSL's claims that 'no designer should be able to monopolise any colour'
Christian Louboutin is seeking more than $1million damages after claiming another luxury designer was 'copying' its shoes’ most distinctive characteristic - the red sole. But last month in the case of Christian Louboutin vs Yves Saint Laurent.

Does Christianity Lead to a Better Society?
I have little interest in the game where the Christian and atheist each present studies to show how their group is superior in this or that social category. My interest lies more in which worldview is more accurate. Nevertheless, we often hear that.

It's A Backless Dress Battle: Kim Kardashian V. Jennifer Lopez & More
The diva put her great figure on full display in a red version of the dress. She completed the look with matching Christian Louboutin ‘Bis Un Bout’ ankle-strap pumps. It’s hard to believe the singer is 43, because she looks so incredible in this number.

How To Trash Talk
Trash talking is divisive among gamers. If you go too far, you run the risk of sending your friend home crying and never again playing another round of Mario Party against them. Or, if you’re conflict-averse, a few unsavory words over Madden could make.

Saturday hate mail-a-palooza, Best of Q4 edition
Mostly with the intent to maim or kill, whenever possible! It Has nothing to do with politics. All about human greed, and stupidity is a big factor. (As these letters surely indicate). This is only the second time I read the hate mail and don't think I.