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Everything You Should Eat In Singapore
For those who enjoy shopping and are less adventurous eaters, Japanese shopping powerhouse Takashimaya in Singapore is a giant high-end shopping mall that has a Christian Louboutin store among other luxury brands. For food snobs, it's also home to the only.

Christian Louboutin Debuts Nail Polish Line—And It's $50 For a Bottle
Love Louboutins but don't have a spare $1,000 lying around? You're in luck! Famed shoe designer Christian Louboutin is officially entering the beauty world with his first line of nail polishes. So now you can adorn your feet with Louboutins on the cheap.

Christian Louboutin Extends 'Nude' Range To Include Two New Styles In Seven Skin Tones
Christian Louboutin, king of the luxury shoe world, has taken his famous mantra - “nude is not a colour, it’s a concept” - even further as the brand announced two new styles are being added to the ‘Nudes’ collection this season. And both.

Be seduced by Säo Paulo
Säo Paulo's cuisine is best tried at Brasil a Gosto where chef Ana Luiza Trajano makes ... French high heel shoe supremo Christian Louboutin famously said in 2009: "Every woman should own three pairs of shoes - high heels, flats and Havaianas.

Christian Louboutin vs. YSL 'Red Soles' Lawsuit Finally Dismissed
Guys, it's finally over. The exhausting court battle over red-soled shoes draws to a close as Yves Saint Laurent drops its lawsuit against Christian Louboutin. Women's Wear Daily reports that the folks at YSL were content with the most recent court.

SHOE OUTRAGE: How Stilettos With "Louboutin Red" Soles Could Wind Up At Payless
High end shoemaker Christian Louboutin lost a major battle Wednesday when a federal judge denied his request to bar rival Yves Saint Laurent from selling stilettos with similarly colored soles. Louboutin, who is known making red-bottomed pumps that cost.

Christian Louboutin Adds Sandal Styles To Inclusive Nude Shoe Line
High heel lovers of the world, rejoice! Christian Louboutin, one of the premiere names in designer shoes, has just announced they're expanding their range of nude options to include two sandal options, just in time for summer. The red-soled beauties.

Sophie Anderton: when the News of the World exposed the supermodel prostitute
The much-missed News of the World exposed the sex for sale thus: In a sensational secret rendezvous with a News of the World undercover man, the leggy supermodel STRIPPED to her G-string and Christian Louboutin stilettos and spread herself across the bed.

Designers scratch back, tell copycats to knock it off
Last month, popular websites such as Wikipedia and Google protested SOPA and PIPA. The line between imitation and inspiration can often be blurred. The ongoing lawsuit between high-end shoe designer Christian Louboutin and fashion house Yves Saint Laurent.

MI6 spy found dead in bag: Gareth Williams visited bondage websites, drag cabaret and gay bars
They were all in small sizes that would have fitted Mr Williams, who was 5ft 8ins tall and weighed around 9st. The labels included Stella McCartney, Christopher Kane and Christian Louboutin shoes ... on the encyclopedia site Wikipedia and followed up.