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Insuring the Uninsurable
Those raising the objection have an unimpeachable case. The precedent apparently set in the more than two dozen states that already have similar mandates is irrelevant. What’s immoral does not become moral simply by precedent. The principle that no one.

Everything You Should Eat In Singapore
For those who enjoy shopping and are less adventurous eaters, Japanese shopping powerhouse Takashimaya in Singapore is a giant high-end shopping mall that has a Christian Louboutin store ... China, Indonesia, and Singapore. There are three basic types.

CLIMATE CHANGE, DISASTER RISK, AND THE URBAN POOR Cities Building Resilience for a Changing World Judy L. Baker, Editor Š 2012 The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development / The World Bank 1818 H Street NW Washington DC 20433 Telephone.

I speak Punjabi (but my kids might not)
Do you understand what this Punjabi idiom means, or do you need a translation in English first? The literal translation may be “one just woke up and the other one is partially sighted!” but that isn’t what it means. This funny phrase refers to a.

Former UAW official pleads guilty as corruption scandal threatens top union executives
In March 2015, the month General Holiefield died, “UAW-4” used a training center credit card to buy Christian Louboutin shoes that cost more than $1,000 and encouraged King to buy a pair, too. The same month, King used her training center card to buy a.

Your guide to emerging artists in Hong Kong's galleries and studios
The Convention and Exhibition Centre isn't the only arty arrow to the city's creative bow this week. It is worth checking out some of Hong Kong's emerging artists in various galleries and studios around town, including the newly opened PMQ at the site of.

Deadspin Up All Night: It's Good To Have The Feeling You're The Best
Thank you for your continued support of Deadspin. Get that summer sunshine while you still can.

Job Posting: Steve Cohen’s Personal Venture Capitalist
What’s Steve Cohen supposed to do now with a fresh $1.4 billion in his pocket and no Zamboni to ride around on: Throw some cash at tech companies. Sources say Stevie’s henchmen are looking for a seasoned venture capitalist to invest about $100 million.

Christianity is dying out? Don't count on it
Recent predictions (and perhaps hopes) about Christianity's demise in the West have been greatly ... By this I don't mean that a Christian doctor or saleswoman will be any less honoured as a doctor or saleswoman, but that their faith will not be seen.

Tom Tancredo and Rep. Cory Gardner discuss Washington gridlock
Former Congressman Tom Tancredo, Congressman Cory Gardner and former Lt. Gov. Barbara O’Brien will appear on the Aaron Harbor Show Sunday to hash out solutions for the gridlock in Washington D.C. The show will air 8 p.m. Sunday on KCDO-TV Channel 3 as.