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Top Shows, March 20-26
Details: 10 p.m. Friday, 133 N. Front St., downtown Wilmington. Missouri native Tyler Farr has worked both sides of the stage, moving from bouncer to singer/guitarist in Nashville. Writing songs for other singers first, including “Hey Ya’ll” for Colt.

Impeachment: The Conversation Continues
I just caught the end of your show waiting for the British comedies to come on. What a bunch of crap! The democrats don't have the guts to stop the war or impeach Bush or Cheney. What congress should do is remove public funding for this show and send it to.

God 0, Atheism 2: Hitchens Eats Another Religious Figure for Lunch
Are you there God, and if so, will you please provide an emissary that can go head-to-head with Christopher Hitchens without getting spectacularly flayed? Given the pro-God squad’s spectacular failure the last time it staged a debate like this, the buzz.

‘God healed my pooch’s broken neck’: Devout Christian says praying saved Chihuahua’s life after vets claimed injuries were so severe it should be put down
who was rendered totally immobile by the injury, would have to be put down But the Chihuahua has made an incredible recovery, and devout dog owner Lisa claims it is all down to the power of prayer.