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France's Phony Secularism
By contrast, Hitchens, et al, who have been raised in the cradle of a Christian civilization, have imbibed a certain comfort level with the crusading notion that people can—and ought to—be saved even against their will. Hence, it does not matter if.

Gun liability bill introduced in Senate
Senate President John Morse, D-Colorado Springs, introduced a bill Wednesday that would make gun owners, sellers and manufacturers liable for damages caused by assault rifles. Senate Bill 196 would allow lawsuits to be filed against sellers, distributors.

Top Shows, July 19-25
Last time Jones was in town, he and his band, The Driving Rain, played a sweltering July show at The Juggling Gypsy, moving through biting rock songs, country-tinged ballads and even a Motown cover his smoky voice is right at home with. Jones’ style has.