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NAPF and PMI to discuss merger
The National Association of Pension Funds (NAPF) and The Pensions Management Institute (PMI) have announced their formal intention to discuss the possibility of merging the two organisations. The possibility of a merger will be discussed over the next six.

Author of “Perfect Birth Experience” has a dead baby
The illustration demonstrates that as the uterus contracts the placenta is forced off the uterine wall ... Babies often come out flat at birth but they come back…Mine didn’t. He never took a breath. It’s not suppose to be like that.

Chapman Guitars Announces Four New Models
Chapman Guitars has been steadily growing since they arrived on the scene several years ago. Champan is adding four guitars to their roster just in time for NAMM 2014. Watch the video below to hear Chappers himself introduce the new instruments (two seven.

Does the Obama Campaign Know Something We Don't About US Withdrawal from Afghanistan?
He opposes the President's plan to end the war in Afghanistan and would leave troops there indefinitely. Does this mean that Obama is NOT planning to leave troops in Afghanistan indefinitely? How did I miss the President announcing a date for full.

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Last Minute Music Gift Ideas
You guys remember reading? Top to bottom, left to right, a group of words together is called a sentence? Well, now that it’s officially time to start your holiday shopping, why not give the music fan in your life a new book. A number of new releases.

In L.A., supporters of a 2016 Hillary Clinton campaign are ready to get on board early
Cisneros, who served as housing secretary for President Bill Clinton, mused about a possible 2016 Hillary Clinton campaign: “The really interesting thing if this happens is, how do you sort out all the people who are going to get their feelings hurt if.

LA Guns new bassist Eric Grossman checks in with Sludge!
Well, I came up during the height of the 80’s Sunset Strip scene ... But it sounds like you were with Dilana before. How will she pull this off? Tracii called me to give him the Dilana hook-up after Jizzy left. When Jeremy left, I was the obvious.

Sports Bar Displays Offensive Sign Likening Beer to Domestic Violence
A popular sports bar in the Chinatown section of Philadelphia is under fire for a sidewalk sign that displayed a poor choice of words. The sign read, “I like my beer like I like my violence…domestic.” Bar-Ly, located at 11 th and Appletree, drew a.

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