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Two held after terror raids
Devout Muslim Badat is being questioned at London's Paddington Green station under the Terrorism Act, after being arrested at his home in Gloucester on Thursday. Home Secretary David Blunkett said Badat posed "a very real threat to the life and liberty of.

God 0, Atheism 2: Hitchens Eats Another Religious Figure for Lunch
Are you there God, and if so, will you please provide an emissary that can go head-to-head with Christopher Hitchens without getting spectacularly flayed? Given the pro-God squad’s spectacular failure the last time it staged a debate like this, the buzz.

‘If We Don’t Care, Gay Marriage Will Pass’
I’m proud of what our pastors and people have done, both in reaching out to our legislators and making their voices heard in the media: saying this is not something that is acceptable to us. We need our people to understand that this is a serious issue.